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Medical Billing Services

Timely billing of all accounts is a key to of an effective revenue cycle management, and ensuring that all bills are submitted clean with the correct information is an underlying goal of Medbill Experts billing department. Medbill Experts is a Bangalore based leading Healthcare Billing Service provider with a comprehensive Medical Billing Service and Receivables Management System. You can benefit from our expertise in any specialties. Our rates are extremely competitive, our service is second to none and we are committed to maximizing your income while simultaneously treating your accounts with utmost cautiousness and compassion.

We can help you significantly reduce payroll costs, accelerate revenue cycles, assure processing accuracy and regulatory compliance, and enhance your satisfaction and delight. Our highly efficient trained team, our use of technology and the ability of quick ramp-up, and rigid compliance processes will free you from the regular hassles of claims submission and will you in concentrate on you core business-building capabilities which results in increased patient satisfaction.

We nurture your Practice and shorten the duration of billing and collection cycle

Medbill Experts's account managers each have over 10 years of experience in US healthcare revenue cycle and are a key element of the clients sustained revenue gain and success.

  • Patient Registration
  • Pre Certification
  • Patient Re-Confimation
  • Medical Coding
  • Charge Entry and Claims Submission

Process Flow

Benefits for our Business partners’s/clients

  • Increase cash flow and decrease turnaround times-get work done overnight (US Day) and reduce month end overtime expenses and costs.
  • Lowers Costs – Up to 40% or greater some cases.
  • Leverage our high-quality, lower-cost talent pool for faster growth.
  • 20% of reserve/buffer staff to handle the fluctuation in volume.
  • Highly trained professional staff with minimal staff turnover.
  • Unique Differentiation through Process Efficiencies and Project-Management Approach.
  • Customer Delight and Relationship Management.
  • Quality Resources – Systems & Human Capital.
  • HIPAA Compliance Processes.
  • 100% Data Security & Confidentiality– BS7799.
  • AMA Functional Standards.

Unique selling point or Key differentiator

We help you develop customized “TO BE” process from your existing “AS IS” process. Our experienced Account Mangers or Client Managers visits your clinics/billing office observes the “AS IS” process and drafts a proposed “TO BE” process which show causes the Extra Dollars which you can earn.

We get accustomed to your billing software. Hence, no new billing software is required not any need of conversion of data into new software. Our efficient trained staff adopts themselves seamlessly with your existing billing solutions or EMR. Our team is well versed with most of very commonly used billing systems like Medisoft, Nextgen, ECW – E-clinical works, Misys Tiger, Intergy, Nexttech, AdvanceMD, Medruim and Medic.